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Masterclass: Mind, Body & Spirit - The Study of Karma

Masterclass: Mind, Body & Spirit - The Study of Karma

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You will be exposed to the rooted ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings that have been passed down across cultures and generations. Including the idea of karma, which suggests that our thoughts, words, and actions create a cause-and-effect relationship that determines our experiences in life.

In this 2 hour course we will seek to understand the actively evolving sacred qualities in you to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life. Amongst many topics we will cover the understanding of Karma and its workings. How to influence said Karma for the good and the bad. Turning anger into action while unveiling karmic blind spots. Elevating your soul's desires while nurturing healthy connections by understanding the cognitive process and behaviors. Overall, connecting mind, body and spirit thru the teachings of the Vedas. 



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